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Helping Our Clients Deliver World-Class Culinary Experiences

At Culimer, we’re your culinary solutions partner. From delivering responsibly sourced seafood to sourcing authentic Japanese inspired ingredients, we provide the quality you desire, as well as the transparency and food safety your consumers deserve.

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Superfrozen technology


Customer Success


Food Safety & Responsible Sourcing

Solutions that deliver restaurant-quality ingredients that are also clean, natural, and responsibly sourced.

Clean, Natural, Sustainable Ingredients

Culimer USA brings the best products from around the globe to consumers’ plates using best in class processes that are deeply consultative and client focused. We deliver legal and food safety compliance that goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.


Seafood, plant, and animal proteins to meet your individual needs.

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Rice, sushizu, nori, quinoa, and other foundational ingredients that set programs apart.

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We offer sides such as edamame and seaweed salads that bring color and freshness to make your sushi program complete.

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We offer access to all-natural, high-quality condiments such as authentic real wasabi as well as crisp ginger.

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We supply equipment to automate and improve sushi operations including superfreezers and sushi robots.

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The Extra Mile – Culimer Every Day!

We partner with a variety of certification bodies and NGOs in the industry to collaborate together for trusted, responsibly sourced and traceable products that are better for consumers and our planet.

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If your values align with ours and you are interested in partnering with us, we’d love to hear from you. Call (201) 932-0193, or send us a message and we’ll be in touch.

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