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Innovative Solutions for Culinary Programs

Culimer isn’t just another vendor of sushi ingredients. Instead, we partner with fine dining restaurants, premium retail establishments, and beyond, who are committed to exceeding advanced industry standards.

We do so through our innovative technology and solutions that prioritize responsible sourcing, traceability, and quality.


Superfrozen Technology

Our superfrozen technology ensures our ingredients are frozen at -76°F (-60°C) right after harvest. They remain at that temperature across the entire supply chain until ready to defrost and serve.


customer success

When your business needs ideation for a new menu concept or hands-on training for your team, Culimer and your Customer Success Partner will help you achieve your goals.


Food Safety & Responsible Sourcing

Our food safety values and beliefs are embedded in every aspect of our company. Our rigorous supply and material approval processes ensure products are safe, trusted, responsibly sourced, and fully traceable.

How We Can Partner With You

Premium Grocers & Retailers

As a grocer or retailer, consumer safety is a top priority. Culimer is GFSI certified, and all of our products are produced using the highest standards, mitigating against food safety risks. Plus, our sourcing process and accurate forecasts ensure there are no stockouts.


We can help you elevate your sushi program to world-class restaurant quality through clean, all-natural ingredients and high-value pricing.

Restaurant Channel

Culimer is proud to partner with restaurants that wish to deliver world-class culinary experiences. With our in-house Maguro Mekiki and ingredient experts, we help you source the highest quality products from across the globe. Our products are superfozen from the harvest, resulting in higher yields and reduced shrinkage.

Food Service

We offer a curated selection of products and solutions unique to us that will complement any existing catalog and open the door to a modern clientele who demands quality, food safety and social responsibility in one single package.

Become a Distribution Partner

Culimer partners with third-party distributors who understand and respect the integrity of our products. To those distributors, we provide the swiftest service possible, ensuring product is delivered on time, every time.

At Culimer, we integrate seamlessly into our clients’ procurement processes by partnering with distributors that are already within their supply chains. We also run multiple supply chain audits to understand points of failure. Once identified, we determine a solution that maintains the cold chain and product quality.

Our Process

We develop clean and all-natural prepared food, seafood, and sushi programs through sharing our years of knowledge and experience.

Learn More About Culimer’s
Solutions Today

Culimer supports those who provide world-class culinary experiences to consumers by delivering high-quality ingredients and consulting. To learn more about our solutions, reach out to our team by calling (201) 932-0193 or contact us online.

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