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Delivering the Highest Quality Culinary Ingredients

At Culimer, we’re dedicated to the highest quality sourcing from around the world that as we believe in shun; local, seasonal food when it is at the very peak of flavor and freshness. This dedication, our superfrozen technology, and responsible sourcing processes come together to deliver world-class culinary experiences.

high quality, all natural, & RESPONSIbly sourced

We pride ourselves in catch to kitchen sourcing, always putting the customer at the core of everything we do. We source, develop and procure items to meet client-specific needs.


For the best experience, quality begins at the protein source. For our superfrozen selections, proteins such as bluefin and bigeye tuna are harvested and immediately frozen at -76°F (-60°C). This is the only all-natural solution to preserving the fresh color of deep red tuna. We will never manipulate our tuna with any additives, carbon monoxide, or smoking techniques. As a result, we guarantee that our proteins are pure, all-natural, and of the highest quality.

Our Offerings

  • MSC Bluefin
  • MSC Bigeye
  • MSC Skipjack, Albacore
  • BAP King Salmon
  • MSC Sockeye Salmon
  • ASC Hawaiian Kanpachi
  • Mangrove Shrimp


We offer a wide range of foundations to choose from, including nori, sushiizu, Koshihikari rice, and quinoa. Our Koshihikari rice is milled to order, and all foundations are made using only natural and fresh ingredients.

Our Offerings

  • Nori
  • Rice
  • Rice Paper
  • Quinoa
  • Sushizu


We offer edamame and seaweed salads. Our edamame is harvested in Thailand at the peak of freshness, resulting in a sweet taste that consumers love.

Our Offerings

  • Edamame
  • Seaweed Salad


Our authentic wasabi and ginger are all-natural condiments that work to enhance the flavor of our other ingredients. We supply real wasabi that is sourced from Kaneku, the top wasabi distributor in Japan known for its authentic ingredients and minimal processing.

Our Offerings

  • Wasabi
  • Ginger


We supply equipment to automate and improve sushi operations to maximize efficiency and reduce costs, so you can make the most of the best ingredients.

Our Offerings

  • Superfreezers
  • Sushi Robots
  • Rice Makers

Discover More About Our
Ingredients & Solutions

To learn more about our high-quality ingredients and solutions, reach out to the Culimer team by emailing

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