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about culimer

At Culimer, it’s our goal to help our clients deliver world-class culinary experiences while doing our part to protect our planet and those who call it home. We do just that by delivering responsible, traceable, and high-quality culinary solutions through trusted food safety practices.

In every move we make and every ingredient we source, we prioritize doing the right thing for our consumers and our planet.

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our core purpose

To Enrich Society Through Food

Our goal is to raise the standards of retail sushi in North America. We believe we can achieve this by providing the highest quality ingredients and unparalleled customer service. As a leader in global traceability and a company committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, we partner with companies who are also on a sustainability journey.

Together, we can be a force for good to protect our most valuable resources. To fulfill our mission of enriching society through food, we focus on a triple bottom line—people, planet, profit.


We want to impact people’s lives across the world in a positive way. We inspire our peers and competitors alike to adopt even higher standards in ethical sourcing, quality, and food safety. We’re committed to becoming certified in ethical sourcing and continuing the journey to become a Certified B Corporation.


We strive to have a positive impact on the planet by supporting the sustainability of the oceans and farms we work with to safeguard the world’s natural resources for future generations. We aim to protect the environment and its biodiversity, our ecosystem, and the world.


We introduce North American consumers to authentic, unique, and high-quality ingredients from around the globe that are always natural and never manipulated. We are a mission before margin company, and while our imperative is to be profitable, it’s so we can continue our mission of enriching society through food.

philosophy & values


To strive for excellence in all that we do, by continuously raising the bar, challenging the status quo, and following a path of kaizen.


To take responsibility for our actions that impact people, planet, and the profit. We inspire others to make decisions that positively impact all involved, from our team to our clients.


To do what’s right in all things, not because we have to but because we want to. We are purpose-driven, considering people and planet before profit in everything we do.

responsibly-sourced seafood & OUR industry impact


clean, natural, trusted




responsibly sourced



The Culimer team is growing and we’re always looking for dedicated individuals to join our family.
Learn more about our open positions and apply today.

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